How It Got Started: 

We want to say thank to all of you our amazing customers!  We couldn’t do it without you. Tailgating Central started in the fall of 2019 with three schools and with an online presence only. Five years later it has grown into ten schools, a few pro teams and two store locations. Tailgating Central came about when we discovered that the selection of college apparel for women was very limited in terms of something other than gender neutral t-shirts or sweatshirts. After a spending a few years of working in brick and mortar for large retailers, I decided to take a leap of faith & start Tailgating Central. It has been an amazing journey!

For about nine months now we have wanted to expand Tailgating Central into something much bigger and beyond game day. After much brainstorming, in January we landed on creating a place where you can find game day for colleges as well as some professional sports, seasonal décor and gifts. As our most faithful customers, I wanted you to be the first to hear that as of now Tailgating Central will be transitioning into Tailgate Traditions.

 The looks that you have loved from Tailgating Central will still be here for all your game day essentials. We are just expanding a little bit beyond game day and looking forward to seeing where this takes us!


Founder and CEO

Tailgating Central / Tailgate Traditions 

About Katherine:

Katherine grew up in Richardson & after graduation from Texas Tech moved back to Richardson. I am a 3rd generation college sports junkie who eagerly anticipates the kickoff of Football Season and the hype of March Madness. Growing up in a family that loves to watch their school move the ball down the field or court while yelling at the TV or in the stands, floods my mind with so many wonderful memories! For me, four years of college marching band at Texas Tech only intensified my passion for sports. My parents are both entrepreneurs at heart and it did not take long for me to realize that I am as well. After trying my hand in the world of brick and mortar retail, I quickly realized that it was time for me to combine my passion for college sports and entrepreneurial DNA by launching my own brand.

When Katherine is not working she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, traveling, volunteering at her church &  participating in her local Junior League. And watching endless amounts of college football in the fall! 

Katherine's Favorite Things: 

Food: Strawberries 
Favorite Meal: Mexican Food 
Vacation Spot: Cruising & NYC 
Dessert: Plain Cheesecake 
Favorite TV Show: Friends & Blue Bloods
    Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6
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      The Tailgate Team: 

       The tailgate team assists in shipping, keeping our stores going, helps set up pop up shops & so much more, you can meet them & will see them in action at pop up shops! Pop up shops would not happen without them!

      "It takes a village & I am thankful for this village." Katherine