Since Tailgating Central opened one of the top selling items we carry is our melamine plate collection by Magnolia Lane. So a quick story about these plates it was back in 2019 & we were at Pacesetter Bazaar (for non locals its an annual Christmas show at one of the high schools in Richardson). I remember I was standing in my booth & I looked up & people were lined up with handfuls of plates to purchase! That fall I couldn't keep enough of them on the shelves & I knew these were a staple for Tailgating Central! 

People now ask me what's so special about these plates? I tell them well it makes a great gift, you don't see them just any where & there are so many applications to them & care for them is super easy! 

The other question I get asked is what is melamine? Well it's a heavy weight plastic so they won't break! 


1. You can eat on them 
2. You can use them in your kitchen for display 
3. You can buy them as a gift 
4. Great for outside 
5. Use them for tailgates, or game day parties



This is one of the biggest questions how to care for them. 
1. Hand wash. Don't wash them in the dishwasher it will mess up the color of them & could potentially crack over time. 
2. Don't put them in the microwave! It will ruin them. 
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Happy Game Day, 


Katherine Montgomery