If you need some easy game day decor this fall look no further than Holiball's! They are a new vendor for us this year & when we saw them at Dallas Market & learned how practical & easy they are we thought they would be great for game day! 

How To Use: 

1. You can use them inside or outside. The do stay inflated for like 90 days if you keep them outside (longer if you keep them in doors). In fact we have had 3 inflated in our stores all year long & have just now had to re-inflate them!
2. You can hang them from a tree or anywhere, you can put them in your pool or use yard stakes. It does come with the supplies to do all this! 
3. This is just scratching the surface of how you can use them there are so many different ways to use them! 
4. Inflate them with the Holiball inflator,  (we do sell these), use a bicycle pump, or compressor. 


Care & Storage: 

  •  Clean with soap & water 
  •  Store in Holiball container when not using 

What It Comes With: 

  • 30" Inflatable Ornament 
  • 1 Holiball Topper 
  • 1 Holiball Hanger & Plug 
  • 1 Hardware Kit & Yard Stake 

Set Up: 

Inflate with an air pump, compressor or Holiball inflator. Once the Holiball is firm place your Holiball Hanger Plug & add the Holiball topper. Then hang, or place your Holiball where desired. 


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Katherine Montgomery